1. Marty Stevens ik it’s wrong but it’s not just in America but in Europe too. There was on video where a British lady out smart one of the Indian scammer by asking for iTunes as tax. However Indians don’t really scam rest of the world when some country have currency that’s worth nothing. Like Vietnam for examples dongs basically isn’t worth anything since they are going through inflation and they don’t want to waste their time on that

    2. Windows XP I received a call from a scammer a few years ago. He wanted to sell me literature from Walmart and Home Depot to save me money. He said for $15.00 one time and later $50.00. With Pakistanis, 15 and 50 sound alike. I was leaving and I said o.k. He had my debit number and phone no. When my statement came in, he withdrew $50.00! His toll free number was on the statement. They don’t get a REAL job because there aren’t any there.

    3. One called me up saying he was from Microsoft and there was something wrong with my windows lol I told him I don’t have a computer he didn’t know what to say 😂

    4. I’ve been watching lots of these types of videos and I’ve heard there aren’t many jobs there and one guy even said if he gets 500 dollars from someone they get 500 of their currency. Which is like 10 dollars

    5. many south asians are physicians. they easily excel in the sciences.. if you ever get an indian customer service rep, you will find they speak several languages. why some of them must resort to this i do not know.

  1. I’m waiting for a prank where someone calls 2 different scammers on 2 different phones and let them talk together.

    1. Comrade Hellas 21 is from that viral video of the kid saying 21 after being asked what was 9 plus 10.

  2. this is end of drama, am going to tell job man to call you twice a day because you need bothering, you are making drama. mmmm and then

    1. chowder125 hello,you are beautiful and I hope my random opinion came at a great time in your life and made you smile.

  3. The whole thing that bothers me is the way his laptop is plugged in, turn it around so it’s flush! Ugh hahaha.

  4. A live agent ??, he sound barely conscious!! 😂 maybe he needs the guys at Al-Hasan funeral home ? , 😉😂✌🏻 from Luca in Copenhagen, Denmark 🇩🇰. Great scammer video , I salute your great skills ( even though you will never read this with those glasses 👌🏻😉

    1. hio land And you have a bad reputation for fucking goats. Tell you what, I’ll go slap a cow right in the face after I have the biggest burger in the world. THEN I’m going to draw a picture of Mohammed touching his 13 year old wife. When it’s finished, I’m gonna jerk off on it. Send me an email and I’ll send you pics.

    2. Tyger Voods Well that’s like saying all Americans are fat and gun down each other…

    3. hio land If you are from:
      1)Any European country, you’ve got a bad rep for killing people n taking their lands
      2)America, you’ve been in fear of gun violence, against each other

      See, I do not mean to offend u but it’s just not right to over generalize

  5. In the end, I would have said “oh wait, I just realized that this is not my credit card. That is why I felt letters. Can we start over?”

    1. @Jay chau
      Difference being that one person is getting the jiggles out of it and the scum on the phone gets what he deserves.

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