Pranking the Telephone Scammers! (They don’t call me anymore!!!)

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New Video Series!:
Warning: The scammer uses a lot of profanity once he catches on.
And yes, I realize there's some spelling errors in the introduction, I don't want to remake the entire video just to rid of that.
This afternoon I got a call from a company "ProComSupport247". This corporation is a scam. They call people claiming that there is a virus or other problems with their computer, and they are going to fix it for almost $300 dollars. They take over your computer via a screen sharing service, and will show you things on your computer which aren't problems, but to the uneducated computer user, may seem so. For more information on these scams, you can leave questions in the comments and I'll answer, or you can look at this website:

60 Comments on “Pranking the Telephone Scammers! (They don’t call me anymore!!!)”

  1. Update: If the camera work bothers you, which I could understand, then don’t watch it. Pestering me in the comments about it is a waste of time won’t do anything about it anyways.

    1. +Jordan U that makes both of us. Still trying to work out what being frustrated with the camera “work” has to do with tv licences.

    2. +rabid rabbitshuggers
      Not completely. You see some text that he puts there that makes the story work a little better, and then there’s all that stuff that he makes pop up onto the screen and trip up the scammer through AMMYY there.

    1. +eastmountainfilms and load it up with malware. I have a VM with ~20 toolbars in firefox and lots of malware. I call it my ShitBox.

  2. “please turn on your computer”
    “okay” *opens virtual box*
    this is where i knew it was going to be good

    1. +FIRENICEWOLF virtual box is a type of virtual machine that has the ability to emulate different operating systems other than the one you are running

  3. you can save it on your dikstop
    have you saved it on your dikstop?
    please go to your dikstop!

  4. At 28:06 he says “He’s messing around, you know that right. [I] can clearly hear him pressing stuff on the keyboard.”

    I am ashamed by the actions of these guys, who are from my country. The language is Hindi.

    1. +Prashant Pandya Unlike Jordan U I get these calls that the claim to be Mircosoft and I know thats a lie because they would not have their number and name blocked.

    1. Frenetic Penguin
      Didn’t know Windows 2000 was called Bullshit, although it fits its nickname really well. Lol

  5. My husband and I like to drink when we get these calls at night. We make a game where we have to see how long we can keep them on the line. Whoever loses chugs a drink. 😂

  6. My mother kept one of these people on for a very long time, and he said well don’t you have that button? To which she said “well, I guess it would help if I used Microsoft, i’m a Mac user, you idiot”

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