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  1. I just got a call from what I think might be the same people, telling me that my computer has been hacked and that they were from Microsoft. I then told them that I do not have a Microsoft computer, I have an Apple computer to which he then quickly replied that they also handle (should have said that in the beginning) he then kept saying that they had my name and phone number in their files, when I asked them, they had the wrong name “Stella” my phone number was once owned by a woman of this name before 2002 (when I got my phone) so they already had the wrong information. I told them to please remove my number and not contact me and if I did have a problem I will take it directly to Apple instead. 

    This was very scary for me, while I was on the phone with him I did a quick Google search and came across your article and video thank you very much for this. I dont know why I seem to keep getting scams via my phone number left and right, I think its time for me to change my number.

    1. if they called you without a hidden number (using #31# before the number for mobile noobs) go download AVG antivirus,then go to privacy>call and message blocker   then wait for the calls list to load,then click/tap on their phone number and click/tap (however you wanna say it) “block call” then ok,or you can do that with every other popular antiviruses

      hope that helped for some mobile newbs,not saying that you or someone else here is

  2. ‘Because your warranty is stopped Microsoft Corporation are stopping those Services’ That’s the best joke i have heard all week.

  3. I think its hilarious when these people call me and claim to be from a large name company, much to their dismay that I use Arch Linux and built my own rig.  XD

    1. Why are you all still discussing this?  It’s a VM!  There’s no need for system restore.  It can be rolled back or deleted and re-installed in no time.  The installs sole purpose was to troll them, nothing else.

  4. If he really wanted to cause you trouble he should’ve simply deleted the system 32 folder rofl. Guess he just didn’t realize. Go ‘Microsoft!’

    Edit: Just saw that this was done to a VM, good thinking, sir!

    1. +Darek Amadeus eugh justin bieber
      But these aren’t hackers, these are bottom-level scammers. They are nothing to worry about.

    1. +TiSnDd Gaming of course you can but there is a way to disable that a virtual machine can transfer files to the physical device so that should protect you. so it can be safe if you do it correct :3

  5. I love how long it took for them to figure out what to do. They even opened the game folder… wtf, did they think a round of Freecell would anger him?!

    1. It’s literally insane what you can do with Virtual Machines, you can run entire servers off of each one of them, running a particular task on each VM located off of one Physical Server with say 16gb ram, allocating each VM say 512 MB to run a dedicated process. 

      To call it an emulator could be a way of describing it, but it’s very very condescending haha. 

  6. The Malwarebytes guy should have pressed the button on teamviewer that switches the screen sharing around, so he could get into the “technicians” computer

    1. Yep it does work. I use “sidemirror” that really stuffs them up. It allows me to produce one screen for the scammers and another that they can’t see. You need two monitors and the software to pull this off. It works. Over 81 scammers hurt so far.

  7. I’m disappointed that you didn’t let him know you were virtual….I hate the idea that he thought he had ruined your day with his deletion. Why give him satisfaction ?

    1. +Grinder-one It would have been way better if he called them out and pointed out how stupid they were for not noticing that he knew beforehand. They should have noticed that something was up from the fact that he was extremely calm, the computer was running Windows XP, it had no significant antivirus installed, and from the ridiculous form information that he entered into the fields. From that, it is very obvious that this person knew what was going on and that he was just humoring them. Personally, I would have insulted them for their lack of an ability to reason and notice that I knew it was a bullshit scam and that I ran a VM to screw with them.

    1. +Kelly Em4 “You can’t blame the scammers for trying to earn a living, you have to be smart enough to not fall for the scams.”
      That’s some mighty nice victim blaming you’ve got going on.
      How savvy is your grandmother/grandfather when it comes to computers?
      So you won”t lay the blame on the criminals because you believe the only way they can earn a living in their country is through crime/scamming….seriously?
      You won’t blame the lying scammer but will blame the victims, primarily seniors, who are trying to use a tool that didn’t exist until they were already 50 or 60 years old, that is totally foreign to them but that they are being forced to use because of societal changes e.g. online baking as more and more banking facilities close.
      Stop laying the blame on the victims whose only “crime” is, for the most part, their age and associated lack of technical knowledge..

      “If absolutely no one would ever fall for the scams, the scammers would disappear.”
      Yeah and if no one got robbed, mugged, etc., the robbers, muggers, etc. would disappear. Do you see how ridiculous that statement is?
      The scammers would just switch to different scams IRS, fake charity, etc.

    2. “You can’t blame the scammers for trying to earn a living”

      And you can’t blame robbers and muggers for trying to earn a living. You have to be careful enough to not fall for a mugger.

    3. Everyone vomits on streets sometimes. Overeating and amusement park rides. And come on, just because someone’s skin is rich in carotene doesn’t mean you can hate them. Hate the criminal, not the race.

    4. True, but they’re in a country that contains one seventh of the people on earth that covers one 200th of its surface. Blame them, but don’t kill them. Just don’t fall for the scams and the problem will solve itself.

      (I know nobody’s killing scammers, but some people have expressed the desire to do so.)

    5. +Mohsin Abro A person always concerned about his security can’t live a better life.

      Scammers live and scam people without thinking that they are illegally doing that and looting people.

    1. There’s also scamming agencies in the US, but due to the Indian stereotype, this is overshadowed. Be wary.

    2. +MyBrokenCreations I beg to differ. Having been an Indian myself, I can tell you that most Indians will sniff a scam and avoid these people. I am surprised that it took years for people abroad to realise this scam. These scammers need to be criminally prosecuted. How are they any different than terrorists? These low lives threaten innocent people of their hard earned money. Not to mention the shame they bring to their country. I wish they had actually put this much effort in their school years.

  8. “the technician is always correct. If they are saying you must be something, you must be. They cannot be wrong” lmao! Dude was fed up.

  9. They called me.. I turned it around on them.. lol. I told them my computer was telling me they have viruses on their system, and I tried selling them my antivirus program called “Go away twat virus” lol and they hung up. Almost closed the deal.. dammit..

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